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Who are we?

From 1970 | 300 personnel | 135 ha vineyard

Hamya Valley is a place where the company founded, gained experience, made its own history and entered the history of Azerbaijani wine.

In the 1970s, the CASPIAN COAST WINERY & VINEYARDS Company was reconstructed on the basis of a venture that started to operate as a Primorsky Wine Factory. In 2009, the old equipment was replaced in accordance with European standards, replaced with new and modern equipment. Now these shops produce up to 7,000 tons of grapes a year.  

  1. In 1970
    Created “Seaside” winery
    meeting modern requirements in the database
    Caspian Coast Winery was established.
  2. Europe-famous Bertolazo, Diemme,
    Manufacturers of Codalpe, Kiesel, Manzini.
    High quality cognac alcohol in 2010
    from German manufacture to buy
    The Arnold Holstein device
    was opened up; activated.
  3. Modern agro-technical requirements in 2011
    responsive vineyards in the area of 135 hectares
    was laid down.